Every well designed website has some 'legalese' within it and ours is no different. We try to be good 'netizens' and ask that people who use our site(s) and with whom we do business be the same.

The simple version of our terms of use is: 'don't do anything criminal or illegal that involves our site(s) or our company and act responsibly when you are interacting with us online'. If you need more detail then you are encouraged to access the long full version of our terms and conditions by clicking here.

If we host your content or if you do business with us then we ask that you treat our network and computers as if they were your own and that you follow proper Internet etiquette and business practices. If you need details on that then you should access our AUP and Customer terms by clicking here. Finally, know that we do not like spam being sent to us and we do not try to ever spam others. If you feel that you have received spam from us please email us and we will work diligently to resolve the issue.