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  • Let's face it - even the greatest website is meaningless if your prospects and customers can't find it. Like it or not the fact is that most people online begin by typing keywords into one of a handful of search engines. A further fact is that the vast, vast majority will click on a link that comes up on the first page - hardly anyone digs to results that are after the third page.

    Coming up in the first few pages of a search query is what every company wants but search is a complicated, competitive and rapidly changing business. These days, no matter what business you are in, you can be sure that you must compete with businesses large and small for that valuable listing slot. Sometimes an organic search efforts must be augmented with a paid search campaign. Whatever the mix may be, the bottom line is that making sure that your sites can be found requires a multidisciplinary approach. We provide full on-site and off-site, organic and paid search services including content creation, keyword research and innovative campaigns. Contact us and take advantage of our Free SEO Report card.